LED Flood Light

An LED flood light is an integrated light that uses light emitting diodes (LED) as its light source. These are considered integrated lights because, in most cases, the luminaire and the fixture are not separate parts. In manufacturing, the LED light cluster is sealed on a panel and then assembled to the LED panel with a heat sink to become an integrated lighting fixture.




  • Saves electrical energy up to 70%
  • LM80 certified LEDs
  • RoHS compliant LEDs
  • Color rending index (CRI) >80
  • LEDs life is > 10 years
  • Efficiency > 85%
  • Power factro >0.9 (Above 18w)
  • Constant current LED driver
  • Instant ON & OFF
  • Uniform Light distribution
  • No flickering
  • Environment friendly
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor application
  • Universal input voltage range 100-275vac, 50Hz
  • Aluminum die-cast enclosure for heat management
  • Operating temperature -20 to 50Dec.C
  • No glare, No UV/IR radiation & zero mercury

Input Voltage Range:- 100-275Vac ±5Vac
Light Output:- Cool White
Color Temperature:- 5000 – 6500k
CRI:- >80 ± 5%
LED’S:- Osram/Samsung/Edison etc


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